15 august ke liye kavita 2020
15 August

Famous Patriotic 15 August Ke Liye Kavita 2020 | Independence Poems

The best quotes poems, Kavita, poems in Hindi have been shared with you related to 15 august 2020 ke liye Kavita on our website. Just click and download them and use them to wish your beloved ones. As you know that the independence day is coming soon on Friday. You also know that this day is not normal and simple as compared to previous days. This day plays a very important role in your lives you think which day is special. Let me introduce this special day am talking about independence day oh yes.

I think you search a best and special Kavita on this Independence Day you chose the best site I am giving you the truth and best speech with true feeling. This Kavita is based on the war season of 1973 how we succeed for separate homelands how we become a nation. Know we write the best speech to you.15 august ke liye kavita 202015 august ke liye kavita 2020

15 August Ke Liye Kavita 2020

  • We are free to say the country is our life
  • In this peak world, there is a great perfection where the Gita and the Qur’an in which the township is their soul.
  • This is the only thing in the country. India is both Muslim and Hindu.
  • Somewhere, there is a Caesarean section and somewhere there is a loser, here there is no identity, there is the identity of clothes, this is our top world, this is our soul.
  • Where Allah and Bhagwan are in these two settlements in India, I will tell you that this is their jinn and glory because this is our beautiful India.
  • This is lovely India, this is my life, this is my life. In this India, there is a mosque and another temple.
  • It is a different matter that, we quietly tolerate the abuse of a little girl. This is our little world, this is our India.
  • Where people are lengthened from caste, for a khursi, their own is done, a minute before their own is forgotten, this is our country, which is ridiculous.
  • Believe in democracy, the photo is something else. Whose chair teaches him to go to hell, where there is noise so, Casey knows where to consider it.
  • Even the Ganges will be dirty now due to the daily oppression, sometimes the road will be colored with the blood of both Hindus and Muslims.
  • When a finger rises towards the truth, we decorate its grave.
  • Unemployment is eating away at our homes. Even with the degree, we are helpless with jobs. That good wind is born in politics, their country is their ears and the court runs from them.


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