columbus day fireworks 2020
Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day Fireworks 2020 & Weekend Parade Timings

We have a guide to the Columbus day 2020 fireworks and where to watch these fireworks at night. We have to reach that place where there is the best view of all sides. Columbus Day is celebrated every year on the 12th of October. Columbus discovered America while searching for some new ways to India for the easy trade for his government. Although he discovered America, he never steps foot first on the island in fact after him some other explorers were there who put a step on that island but, Columbus was given credit for finding discovering America. He discovered America on 12th October 1492 that’s why Columbus Day is celebrated every 12th of October as a holiday.

Who was Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was an explorer of his time. He was the navigator who completed the four tours of the Atlantic Ocean and opened the way to other continents. He was one of the biggest explorers of his time.

Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa. He started sailing on the ship at a very young age with the British toward the North. Moreover, He never gave up on sailing and traveling, that is why he became one of the best sailors and navigators of his time. He loved to travel that’s why he was given the task to find the new path for sailing ships to bring goods from different continents to their continent.

How Columbus Day is celebrated

Columbus Day is celebrated with fun, and joy in America in every city. People there arrange the parades, carnivals, and fireworks show for the locals. The whole Columbus Day is celebrated very beautifully but, the most beautiful scene is always the fireworks show at night. The Fireworks show starts at 9:45 pm.

Happy Columbus Day Fireworks 2020

The most important event of Columbus Day that everyone keeps on waiting eagerly is the firework show because it is the most beautiful event and time of the day because of the firework show.

There are some of the best places in Ohio state in America to watch the fireworks on Columbus Day like which are;

  • P&G Riverfest-Firework Show in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Toledo Blade’s Red, White & kaboom Promenade Park in Ohio
  • Akron Rib, White & Blue Festival Downtown Akron in Akron Ohio
  • Lime Star-Spangled Spectacular Faurot Park Lima in Lima Ohio
  • LaRosa’s Balloon Glow Coney Island in Cincinnati Ohio
  • Red, White & Boom- Downtown Columbus in Columbus Ohio
  • Downtown Cleveland -Cleveland in Cleveland Ohio
  • Put in bay Ohio’s Fireworks Over the Bay-Put-In-The-Bay, Ohio
  • Ohio River Sternwheel Festival-Ohio River Levee-Marietta in Marietta Ohio

These are some of the best places to watch the fireworks at night for the best view of these places, hundreds of people gather just, to watch the fireworks show.


The scene of this firework show is so beautiful that people reached the place for about 3 to 4 hours earlier before the fireworks. People don’t want to miss any of that scene because of its beauty. People click pictures of their Instagram stories at those places while fireworks. They want to capture all the memories possible of that time. That they could show those pictures to their families who are away from them and also to keep those memories safe. That is why the firework show is the most important and beautiful event of Columbus Day.

Happy Columbus Day to All.


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