Islamic New Year 2020
Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year 2020 | Hijri New Year Calender of Muharram 1441 Date

The Islamic new year 2020, Hijri new year or Awal Muharram is going to celebrate on the Evening of 19 August 2020 and ends to 20 August 2020. therefore, we are providing you with the details of the new year and 10 Muharram tragedy. Read this article carefully to the end. Islam is one of the precious beliefs for Muslims worldwide. There are three types of faiths like Abrahamic, Christianity, and Judaism. Muslims follow Islam. Islam is the universal religion that teaches that God (Allah) is merciful, and Allah is great. Islam is originated in mecca and medina. Although Islam began in Arabia.
In Arabic God is known as Allah.

Followers of Islam have faith to live their life according to the complete will of God (Allah). Muslims believe that nothing can happen without the permission of God (Allah). According to Muslims, there is one God. Who is Allah.followers of Allah, and Islam are Muslims? God (Allah ) sent his last prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) who teaches Muslims, how to spend their lives according to the rules of Allah.

Five Pillars of Islam

There are five pillars of Islam. if a Muslim wants to spend life responsibly and respectfully they followed these five pillars in their life.

  1. declaration of faith on Allah
    2.prayers, five times in a day (salat)
    3. Giving charity (Makkah)
    4.fasting during the month of Ramadan (sawm).
    5. A pilgrimage to Makkah, once throughout in life (Hajj).

The Muslims follow a book which is the Holy Quran. They believe that this book is sent by Allah Almighty to their last prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).muslims also have sunnah which is a practical example of Muhammad.
Muslims offer their prayers in a mosque. Their face is always towards Makkah. They offer prayers five times a day.
Muslims follow the Hijri calendar. The Islamic calendar is also known as the lunar calendar and Arabic calendar. The lunar calendar consists of 12 lunar months in a year. A year consists of 355 or 354 days.

Islamic new year is also called Hijri new year. And also know as Arabic new year. The first month of the Islamic calendar is Muharram. Holy nights, prayers, Ramadan, and hajj are done according to the Islamic calendar.
During 622 AH, Muhammad, and his followers migrated from Mecca to Medina. And established their first Muslim community. In the west, this era is also known as AH( Anno Hegira). In some of the Muslim countries, it is also known as H.H stands for English, it is also known as BH (before the Hijri). The current Islamic Hijri year is 1441 AH.

Islamic New Year 2020

The festival of Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar on the first day of the Islamic calendar is celebrated which is a very holy day for Muslims. The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar which is shorter than a Gregorian calendar solar calendar which is followed by western countries. The lunar calendar is 11 or 12 days shorter than the solar calendar. Let’s embrace each other on this holy day and remember about the sacrifice of our Lord. You must know about some important things regarding the first month of the Islamic calendar Muharram.


Fourteen centuries ago, on the day of Ashura, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, Imam Hussain, and his son was cruelly killed in the battle of Karbala. Imam Hussain is slain, and his kindness. And his message is still alive among those people, who love them, and that is a real victory for them. The real story of Muharram is really sad, and tragic for Muslims.

History of Islamic New Year

whenever they listen about the Muharram is coming to their eyes are full of tears. The 10th of Muharram is also known as Ashura, the 61st year of Islamic calendar the battle of Karbala took place. The battle started grandson of Prophet Muhammad S.a.w. And relatives, and their supporters with Yazid. Yazid has a large military while Imam Hussain is having a small group.

Imam Hussein’s army includes young children, women, friends, and family members. while Yazid is having a large group of the army which includes thousands of enemies. yazid ’s army deprived Imam Hussain and their relative of food and water in the desert for three days.

Importance of Muharram

The cruel soldiers kill imam Hussain cruelly and his 6 years old sons also and captive women with them. It is a very emotional story for Muslims and Muslims to honor their sacrifice regarding Islam.
Shia having great respect regarding Muharram. Abundance all the joyous events in Muharram. Shia did not prefer to eat special dishes this month.

The morning period is started from the 1st day of Muharram and it remains till the 10th of Muharram, the death day of imam Hussein. they mourn to wear black clothes, fasting and they pay respect to imam Hussain by beating themselves with chains and cutting themselves with knives in public places. The painful observance is an expression of their love on the grief death of their leader Imam Hussain. Muhammad s.A.w also wanted to observe fasting on two days on the day of Ashura and the prior day. Shias mourn the death of imam Hussain on Ashura while Sunni Muslims hold fast following Muhammad.

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