National Mourning Day 2020
Mourning Day

Why is National Mourning Day 2020 Celebrated in Bangladesh Holidays

The most special day in the history of Bangladesh is National Mourning Day 2020 which is celebrated on 15th August this year. This day is celebrated because of this special person who gave us all the passion to build a new country whose name is Sheikh. Mujibur Rahman was. In every country, there is a man who brings success. His example is somewhat similar to that of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan and Gandhi in India. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman instilled the spirit of being his country in the hearts of all Muslims in his country Bangladesh. Our country Bangladesh also got the title of Father of the Nation to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Long before today, when Pakistan and India were separated. At that time Bangladesh was also part of the territory of Pakistan. Then for some time, Pakistan was paying attention to this part of its land but with time India gave notice to Pakistan that you cannot take a ship from our land without our permission or our consent. The leaders of Pakistan could not find a solution to this problem because whenever the leaders of Pakistan went to East Pakistan, they would go by sea, which caused them a lot of difficulties. And it took a long time to move from one part of the country to another.

National Mourning Day 2020

The load on the Pakistani leader had increased and he did not have much time. The people of East Pakistan would be very upset and compelled. Then in them, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman created a passion in the hearts of Muslims and decided to create a separate country named Bangladesh, and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would be ready to be the leader of his country. By the command of God and with the help of polytheistic Muslims, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would have won and he would have succeeded in his goal.

Then those who did not want this country to see success and happiness. Someone had this special, important, Shamdar and Kabbalah praise Sheikh Mujibur Rahman assassinated. The day he was killed was the day on 15th August 1975. We Bangladeshis have not forgotten the shock of this day. We left our decision to God and decided to move on. And the more we give thanks to our God, the less it is.

Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman

Every day has its value. In this twentieth year of the twentieth century, life has given us another chance. One day or thousands of years, some things go on with us. As you know, there is a big day in our country, which we celebrated National Morning Day in  Bangladesh. My dear friends and elders, I would like to say one thing. This day of yours, in my opinion, plays the most important role in all the 365  days of the year for all of us Bangladeshis.

This day is important for us Muslims in such a way that it is an example in this world. Everything in life has its own time and no one can pay for that time. As most people say, the word that comes out of the mouth and the command that comes out of the arrow never comes back. We will never forget the pain and suffering of this day. Whenever this day reminds us of this day in August, you can be sure that the heart of all Bangladeshis weeps tears of blood. And once again the whole memories and the whole refresh the wounds.



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