Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020
14 August

Short Speech on 14 August in English 2020 for Students Images Download

Here are the short speech on 14 august in English 2020 with images that will help you how to wish other people. This will increase the feelings of patriotism in all the audience. Unless we are really interested in something, we will try our best. It can never succeed. Knowledge is the same wealth that grows as you spend it. In my opinion, the most successful country in the world is China. Our Prophet Hazrat Ali has said: Get as much knowledge as you can, of course, you don’t have to go to China. Until we tell our children about our country, they will never know how to build our country. As long as you know, you will not tell your children. Until then, they will not ask you questions. If they do not ask questions, their knowledge will not increase.

If the children’s knowledge does not increase then they will consider themselves as a drain among the walking children and this is not a good thing. We must tell our children about the sacrifices of the youth of our country, how they have saved our country by playing on their lives. When the war broke out, another country invaded our country so fast that we would be shocked and disturbed. Then the youth of the country could not bear it because their intentions were not right. We send Salim to these mothers. The genes decided to sacrifice their liver pieces for the freedom of the country.

Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020

I sacrifice the genes on the body parts named after my country. On the one hand, these mothers put stones on their hearts, and on the other hand their beloved sons would lay mines in front of these tankers with mines on their chests, and one by one all their tankers ambushed them to death. The sacrifices of their lives will not be wasted. And he succeeded in his goal.14th August, Independence Day of Pakistan. This is the day for which our ancestors gave their lives for a better future of the nation.

I would really like to share the real and powerful part of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s life, after which he decided to struggle for the independence of Muslims. The scene was such that our Quaid was sleeping. He saw a dream in which he saw our dearest Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Holy Prophet PBUH instructed Jinnah to immediately move to India and work for the independence of Muslims.

After this dream, Jinnah was sure of independence. He came to India from England and started working for Muslims. Allama Iqbal the national poet of Pakistan also joined Jinnah. They and other leaders worked really hard for independence.

After a lot of struggle, they finally reached their mission and on 14th August Muslims were finally got freedom. Muslims got their own country Pakistan. It was the greatest effort of our leaders especially Muhammad Ali Jinnah. After a lot of bloodsheds, Muslims got independence. While migration Indians killed our brothers and sisters but they kept following the guidelines of Jinnah and reached the destination of independence.


Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020 Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020 Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020 Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020 Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020 Short Speech On 14 August In English 2020

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