Best Thanksgiving Coloring Pages 2020 Printable For Kids & Adults


In this post, you will be able to find out the most classy and amazing thanksgiving coloring pages 2020. Your search for the best coloring pages for thanksgiving day  2020. And we are just about to help you find the best coloring pages that suites your family. And friends best according to their ages, and their hobbies. But, before rushing towards that fun. I will feel great to say wish you a very happy thanksgiving day. Have a very cool holiday with warm memories left for your whole life.

Thanksgiving  coloring Pages 2020

Now, let start with our actual reason for being here. Look at the picture below that we have brought to you to let you celebrate thanksgiving 2020 in a very traditional.  You can use this pumpkin image to entertain your guests on thanksgiving dinner. Moreover, let me guide you how to bring life to this image.

Start from the left corner from the bottom and start coloring it with rainbow colors. Don’t color the circles in the image and complete the rainbow shades task. When the rainbow colors are done. At this time color the remaining  part in light yellowish golden Shade. And give the touch of the same color to the circles we skipped in the beginning.

Now come to the top circle of Halloween of the pumpkin and start coloring the circle with deep green shade bad use light green in the rest of the Halloween. Harvest celebration is not complete without this image. So, try it bad let your celebration way make a statement on Thanksgiving day 2020.

Thanksgiving Coloring pages for kids

Look at the picture, and just start coloring the hair of both the kids in this image with blonde golden color. And color the hair band of the girl in red and the hat of the boy in black. But batch on. The hat should be given golden, and red touch too. Girl’s face should be given a blonde. But for the boys face will it will be better to use some dark shade but not black.

The feather on girls head will make a statement if given rainbow shades. Girl’s shirt will look pretty if it is red and boys full dress should be black with yellow dots to give the touch of autumn. Again come to the girl’s trousers with black color with no shoes left behind to be colored different. Fill the patches on boys boots  with golden brown and red color in the remaining part of the shoes.

Match the hands and arms of both of he kids with their face skin color. And let the grass go green. Thus is the best image you can gift your kids to make their thanksgiving 2020. A memory forever.

Thanksgiving Coloring pages 2020 Thanksgiving Coloring pages 2020 Thanksgiving Coloring pages 2020 Thanksgiving Coloring pages 2020 Thanksgiving Coloring pages 2020 Thanksgiving Coloring pages 2020

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