why we celebrate columbus day 2020
Columbus Day

Reasons Why We Celebrate Columbus Day 2020 | History of Columbus


Why We Celebrate Columbus Day 2020

We are here to explain why we celebrate Columbus day 2020? We will tell you all the history of this day. Before going in to see what is Columbus Day parade first, we have to know about the Columbus Day. We need to know why we celebrate Columbus Day and who was Columbus. So, without further a due, let’s get into it, and let’s know about Columbus that which type of person he was.

Who was Columbus?

If you are living in America, then you must know that who Columbus was, but some of the people who are not living in America don’t know who Columbus was. So, this is a very informative article for them because they will get to know the history of Columbus and the History of America.

Columbus was born in 1451 in Italy. Christopher Columbus, also known as, Columbus was an Italian sailor and navigator who completed Four trips across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered a lot of new paths for the trades for his government. He was one of the best sailors of his time and the only one who took 4 trips across the Atlantic Ocean. He always loved to explore new places.

How Columbus Discovered America?

As we read in the previous paragraph, that Columbus was a sailor and the explorer, he was given the task to find a new and easy path for the ships so that they could do trading easily in other continents, so he started working on it. His main objective was to sail toward the west to reach Asia with 3 other ships. He had given this objective so that he could bring the gold, spices, and pearls waiting there by Indians. On his way to Asia, he discovered the new continent America.


What Columbus did when he discovered America?

Columbus as the one who discovered America but, he did some of the crucial things at his time. Like he killed some of the innocent people. Some people said that he killed people because of their color and made black people slaves because he didn’t respect black people, and he didn’t care about their lives.

Columbus was also a cruel person of his time. He killed many innocent Italians and Indians. Many people don’t celebrate Columbus Day because they say that he was a cruel person and e killed people or made them slaves.

There are many reasons that Columbus was a murderer and a bad person, and some of them are:

  1. Columbus used to Kidnapped people and made them slaves.
  2. Once, he Kidnaped a Carib (African) woman and sold her to some of his crew members to rape.
  3.  Columbus made a lot of Indians his slaves and told them to collect gold for him or die.
  4. Some books also say that at his time, about 50,000 people committed mass suicide so that no invaders could have their food.
  5. Under his rule, some of his men also sold girls of about 8 to 10 years old for sexual slavery.
  6.  he gave no rights to the Indians to live their life according to their own will.
  7. That’s why he is also known as the murderer and killer of his time. That’s why some people don’t celebrate Columbus Day.

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