World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand
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World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand Holidays & Observances

Make the world teachers day 2020 celebration in New Zealand and also surprise your teacher with surprise parties, songs, cards, wishes, images, and many others. We should never miss the chance of happiness. As you all know, World Teacher’s Day is coming. There are about 7.7 billion people living in the world from this peak. These people are living happily in their own country. Today we are talking about a deficit country called New Zealand. We will tell you in this article how many people live in our country and come to our country to study hard.

World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand

My dear friends, this is so remarkable so great here from Auckland New Zealand today I’m going to talk about the primary schools as you all know that prime New Zealand is a multicultural country you can see people coming from all the different countries from all over the world especially when you go to primary school you see those international students, and natives, and like you know or its if you see the school culture you see the whole world in one room. So, I’m gonna just start with few greetings

Some of the ways to welcome them are as follows:

Talofa bonne, Journee, how malala lai, Bula vinaka for caliphs Alya, Marhaba, asslam-0-alikum, namaste, sasriya Kal. so these are few basic greetings from different countries which I have mentioned and it is very important to learn few greetings to stay connected with the families which are an important aspect in new Zealand curriculum in schools. Whether it is EC primary or you know intermediate or high school.


New Zealand schools really well new partnerships and relationships with families for now and tamara key so it’s very important to learn just a few basic words of other languages if you know as I mentioned before that it seems that the whole world is in one room that means that there are many different cultures present in New Zealand right now.


School types are following below

Dear friends I’m going to tell you about the different types of school in New Zealand. There are three different types of schools

  • First is public which a government school.
  • Second, are corrector faith-based schools.
  • Third, are private schools.
  • How to teach in Primary School in New Zealand

Everyone has their way of reading. But the New Zealand method is good and admirable. When children go to school to take a class, when they sit down and look at the desk, they have to read the class time and what time it is all on one page. Get written. And I think this method is the best and most useful. It has the advantage that the student knows from the first day what he has to read and how much he has to walk. He knows the real purpose of this class. A good student wants his destination to be in front of him.



World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand World Teachers Day 2020 New Zealand

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