World Teachers Day 2020
Teacher Day

When is World Teachers Day 2020 | Why We Celebrate Teachers Day

The most important and most provoking question is that. Who is a teacher? why we celebrate world teachers day 2020? A teacher is a person who can teach us in their way. A can be a different type of person around us. It can be a friend, relative, family member, siblings, parents or it can be a stranger to. A teacher does not stay in classrooms and teach you, a teacher does not exist in classrooms only to teach you things it goes beyond.

One more thing is that we have to accept the fact that everything around us is always teaching us. They always try to teach us different types of lessons regarding life. A human being is not the person who is teaching you but nature is also a factor that is teaching us in every accepts of daily routine work. It’s up to us we are going to learn it or ignore things around us.

So, in short, we can not specify the term teacher into a human being. According to dictionaries, a teacher is a person who especially teaches in a school, colleges, and this is the common explanation regarding a teacher. Which can be easily understood? But in my point of view time is the best teacher ever. Time is the best thing ever who teaches me a different acceptance of life.World Teachers Day 2020

World Teachers Day 2020

A teacher is also a person who gives you the knowledge, inspiration and tells you how to live in life. He/she always teaches me to overcome my problems. He/she always guide me in a proper way because he/she is the person who knows about me, he/she spend a lot of time in school while schooling.

A real teacher always encourages their students because he/she knows about their abilities and encouraged them. they never underestimate their child. a real teacher always knows their students and they have strong potential according to their child and give them strong guidance. A word teacher is always is worthless. A real teacher gives you light in the darkness. a teacher is like a lamp.

A real teacher is always a good adviser who teaches you that to choose which career they always believe you that you can do it in a proper way no one can else do in such a way as you can do. Moreover, A teacher is a person who believes that you can achieve something in your life.World Teachers Day 2020

A real teacher is a person who enjoys success. They proudly discuss and share it with their colleagues and gathering that he/she is my student. A teacher is the only person who always appreciates your strength. He/she always ignores your weakness. A teacher is that person who always boosts up your strength.

A real teacher is that person who always teaches us that success means sharing, encouraging, and giving. A real teacher always puts his efforts to encourage their students towards success. They always suggest them this is the way to choose your own ways. A great teacher is having such kind of quality that they always treat their students as their kids. they treated the same. Every student is equal to their teacher. He/she believes that great students perform in a great way.

A real teacher and profession of a teacher are known as patience. A real teacher always shows patience for their children. a teacher always looks at the positive side of their students, the teacher always focuses on the positive aspects of students. There was a great example of Amir khan’s movie “Tare Zameen Par”.

A teacher is always a role model in our life. if we look to the other meanings of the teacher, the mother is the first teacher in our life. Our parents play a great role in the development of our life, they are the first teacher in our life who are shaping our life and personality.World Teachers Day 2020

As we grow up we meet different types of personalities in the society who may be our friends, family members, neighbours, some good wishes, and sometimes someone unknown person who teaches you and teaches you in such a way that you will move forward in your life.

The great saying is that

”an average teacher tells

A good teacher teaches

A normal teacher explain


A great teacher is an inspires you throughout life”.

Teaching is not a profession, but it is also a position to handle it very carefully. A teacher is that person who is having your future in their hands.

The Abbreviation of the teacher is


T stands for talented.

E stands for enthusiastic.

Stands for attentive.

C stands for calm/cheerful.

H stands for honest.

R stands for responsible.

So, in short, a teacher is that person who is having such kind of qualities. Which are mentioned above.

A teacher is always a hero for us or you can say in simple words that a role model. a teacher is a person who teaches you about yourself.

When we are talking about a profession of teaching it means that a teacher is a person who teaches you in a school or in some other way or some other educator field. a teacher is a person who helps the student to acquire knowledge and competence.

When we are talking about the informal role of a teacher, it can be anyone like when a colleague is trying to tell you how to perform such a task so in short he/she is also a teacher.

In some countries where young age students take education with the help of their family members, we can also say that homeschooling for our understanding; this type of schooling is informal.

In many countries, formal teaching is such a kind of teaching in which a student is paid by the Institute according to their scale.

Duties of the Teacher.

The duties of a teacher are very from country to country.

In formal teaching, a teacher prepares their lesson according to the curriculum and delivers to the students and at the end of the lecture, the teacher takes feedback from the student side.

A teacher provides information in a literary form, numeracy, vocational education, community role, religion, art, civic, and life skills as well.

In formal education duties of a teacher are different. They have to supervise the student. formal teaching extends beyond. a teacher takes out from the classroom, a teacher take them for a field trip, supervise study halls, and organize school functions and provide as duties of a supervisor for extracurricular some education system or in some countries the teacher is responsible for students discipline too.

Required Qualities in a teacher and competence

Teaching as a profession is a highly complex activity. Because teaching is a social practice that must take place in a specific context.

What is required in a teacher are social values, history according to the education, accepted the iris about learning, students’ behaviors must be learned by the teacher and social values according to the education.

The competence of a required is teacher is the different ways through which you can understand the role of the teacher around the world.

Broadly there may contain four ways or you can say the role of the teacher as a model.

The teacher as a manager

The teacher as a caring person

Also, Teacher as expert learned and last but not least

The teacher as a cultural and civic person.


The European Union has identified the three broad areas of competence that are required in a teacher.

Which are

Working with knowledge, technology, and information

The Working with other

Working in society and with society.


What is required for a teacher is grouped under three headings:

Knowledge (it may include knowledge about the curriculum, knowledge how to teach, knowledge how to deliver learner  can understand easily or get the point of view of a teacher, knowledge about the psychology, knowledge about the education and assessment, etc.)

Craft skills (such as lesson planning, using different technologies, managing and monitoring students, and assessments of learning, etc.).

Dispositions (it includes attitudes, believes, and essential values and commitment )

The most important quality of a teacher is that enthusiasm towards the course. that teacher who adopts this quality or having such kind of quality there students experience positive learning. An enthusiastic teacher is higher rated by their students.

Research shows that motivation towards school depends on the relationship between students and teachers. A real teacher makes a positive relationship with the students. teachers create an effective learning environment for the betterment of students’ futures.

Personal success depends on students in that way they are improving themselves.

A real teacher must guide their students on their life goals and academic goals too. the teachers who are attached and having a good relationship with their students, in that way they achieve their personal and academic goals.

Students build a positive relationship with their teacher who shows a positive relationship and shows more interest in the course.

Those teachers who spend more time with their students, they must be appreciated teachers because they are developing the most supportive and effective teachers.

Effective teachers always invite their students to become successful, they always motive them, such kinds of teachers allow them to make their decision, they develop them such abilities to participate in the classroom and play their role in a well-mannered way.

Teaching qualification

In many countries who want to adopt teaching as a profession. They must take education according to the teaching profession from a reputed college, and university. This profession may include pedagogy and knowledge of science.

In some societies, teachers enjoy the status of teaching at par with physicians, lawyers, accountants, and engineers while in other the status is low.

In many countries or many societies, twenty-century women are unable to get a job at a government so in that way they choose teaching as a default profession.

But, women are more welcomed in government sectors today, in the future maybe we will be unable to get an educated teacher.

There are many bodies designed which are specially designed for teachers to update their knowledge.

They are generally established to serve and protect them through certifying with the help of the government for teachers.

Pedagogy and teaching profession.

The teacher facilitates students in the process of learning through schools, academy, or in an open environment like outdoor.

The basic objective of formal and informal education is learning. Through formal education, you learn skills, knowledge, and life skills.

To adopt different ways while teaching is pedagogy. When an institute decided to what method will be used by teachers or teachers prefer which ways should be adopted is dependent on students’ knowledge, background knowledge, students learning goals, environment, and the curriculum which are defined by the institute.

Some teachers love to prefer to go outside for students in that way they enjoy the field trip and explore more things and learn in the best way. teachers use some other technologies like the internet and audio-video aids which are used by the teachers in the classroom through which they understand in a better way.

The objective is to teach in different ways to complete your lesson plans and in the way of practical skills.

Teaching using pedagogy involves assessing the student’s abilities. Pedagogy can be explained in two manners. Firstly is based on the teacher itself, in which teachers will different ways to teach and different pedagogy styles. Secondly are based on the learners, in this, the role of leaner is more important.

There is a significant difference between primary school and secondary school both the education system is based on the relationship between teachers and primary schools, teachers stay with students for a long time, and throughout the week and teach them the whole curriculum. while on another hand when we talk about secondary schools, the learner has a different specialist in which they will not meet them throughout the week.

Co-teaching is also a trend nowadays in this way of teaching include two teachers. Co-teaching two teachers are present in the same classroom and create an educational climate.

Assistant teacher

The assistant teacher is also appointed for the same classroom which is assisted by a more educated person than an assistant teacher. The assistant teacher is not more qualified as compared to the headteacher. One type is a foreign language assistant, which is run in Germany by educational exchange service. British schools employ a teaching assistant who is not fully qualified.which can teach a group of pupils independently.

In the United Kingdom, the assistant teachers are those teachers who are not fully qualified or unqualified teachers who are not headteachers and deputy teachers. In the Japanese school system, assistant language teachers are employed at junior elementary school, junior high, and high schools.

Occupational hazards

Teachers face several hazards in their field they are suffering from depression and stress. Which impact on the physical health of the teacher as well as mental health too. The causes of stress are organizational change, relationship with students, organizational burden, heavy workload, long working hours, inspections, and administrative personnel. the teaching profession is at high risk because of occupational burnout.

A 2000 study shows that in the UK 42% of teachers are suffering from occupational stress. while 2012 studies show that teachers experienced more anxiety, depression, and stress than average workers in the world. It can be lower through the following steps like by providing a sportive environment, by giving bonuses, by providing assistant teachers, offering promotions, etc.

Apart from all these things teachers are not given more facilities, opportunities, and promotions.

Teaching around the world

In almost every country there are some similarities and different methods for teachers. All teachers worldwide gain education from reputable colleges and universities. Governments require certification before they join in any school system.

We will discuss this according to different countries.


In Australia education is divided into three types.

Primary education

Secondary education

Tertiary education

Primary education includes primary primary school teacher is played a very important role in it.


A second bachelor’s degree such as a degree of bachelor is required for the teacher in Canada. Teachers have the option of whether they want to join a public school that is funded by the provisional government or teachers. Who wants to teach in a private school which is funded by the private sectors and sooner, and businessman.

Secondary education includes high school. The teacher is also necessary for it. Students take classes according to their schedule.

While tertiary education is such a kind of education in which you go for university education. When students enter university-level students need professors but not for a long time they just guide them.


In France teachers or professors are recruited by competitive examination for teaching.


In Germany, teachers are recruited by special universities called lehramtstudien, (teaching education studies). The teacher is civil servants in Germany.

Every standard of schools requires according to their requirement there is the difference between for the teachers for elementary schools(grundschule), lower secondary school( hauptschule), middle-level secondary schools ( Realschule), and higher-level secondary schools (gymnasium).

In Germany, the salaries of the teachers are depending on the civil servants, salary index scale (Bundesbesoldungsordnung).


United kingdom


In the united kingdom, education is a devolved matter.

United kingdom is having a separate system of education.




In England’s salaries for the nursery, primary, and secondary school teachers are £20133 to £41004 while teachers’ salaries are also increased according to their responsibilities, and England, a preschool teacher may earn £19543 England, a teacher must have a bachelor’s degree which must be completed and licensed by the government.




In Scotland anyone who’s is interested in teaching or wants to become a teacher must be registered in the general teaching council for Scotland (GTCS).

Teaching in Scotland you must complete your bachelor degree. After completion of graduations, they must complete their initial teacher education program.

Seven Scottish universities are offering this teaching program for teachers.

Provisional registration is given by GTCS after the completion of the program which means you have given full registration.


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